Blackwoods Buy TOKU Breakers


BLACKWOOD Plant Hire has completed a new deal with Yarwoods for a number of top of the range products including TOKU Breakers and a Demarec Selector Grab.

Owner Tom Blackwood bought his first TOKU breakers from Yarwoods back in 2003 and these breakers are still running today. Indeed, the Blackwood breaker fleet is now 100% Toku.

Blackwood’s Paul McCormack said, “You can send a TOKU breaker out to work in total confidence. At first glance the TOKU breakers look much the same as other breakers – it’s when a few years down the line you check the costs and the age you realise how good they are.”

Yarwoods Excavator Attachments Ltd. is building a loyal TOKU customer base throughout the UK. Chairman Peter Yarwood added, “Customers are becoming very impressed with the performance of the TOKU brand and Yarwoods is committed to to this first class product and excellent back up service.