Hudco Compactors Sale

Yarwoods provide Hudco Compactors Sale all over the UK.

Hudco compactors SaleHudco Compactors are excellent attachments for compacting soil whilst backfilling trenches, foundations, and re-instating slopes; they can be used for driving and extracting piles too.

Excavator mounted Hudco Compaction plates also provide a huge safety advantage to their hand-held counterparts; you don’t need to have personnel in dangerous positions within the area of operation. That’s particularly reassuring on work in confined trenches.

In the 15 years we have been providing Hudco Comapactors Sale, these attachments have proved to be solid and reliable; this backed by Yarwoods legendary service makes us hard to beat!

  • Compacts soil in trenches, foundations and on slopes
  • Drives wood, steel sheeting, posts and beams
  • Keeps the crew out of the trench while compacting
  • More productive than hand-held units
  • Custom fit to your excavator
  • Hudco’s HC-10, HC-12 and HC-15 are perfect for tight trench work with narrow baseplates
  • The HC-10, HC-12, HC-15 and HC-20 include a bypass check valve to protect the hydraulic motor

Yarwoods Ltd specialise in Hudco Compactors sale throughout the UK, including Inverness, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Newcastle, Yorkshire and many more towns in Scotland and the North West and North East of England.