Dynaset Magnet Hire

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Yarwoods Ltd provide dynaset magnet hire to clients all over the UK.dynaset magnet hire carlisle

The Dynaset Hydraulic Magnet for metal handing offered for Hire by Yarwoods. It is connected easily and ready for use immediately in a scrap yard, demolition site and any other job / site which requires magnetic lifting power. Quick release of the load guarantees fast and efficient handling of ferrous material. Vibration free and mechanical speed control valve ensuring the generator is safe and working with no problems for a long time. The company Hydraulic Magnet is very flexible and can be used by most mobile platforms transforming the machine into a magnetic lifting and sorting apparatus ideal for sorting material.

We provide Dynaset Magnet Hire throughout Scotland, North West, North East and the UK as a whole, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Inverness, Newcastle, Yorkshire and Carlisle and many more.